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MaxRp110 User Configurable NMEA 0183 data Repeater with settable high and low alarms and external alarm output.

Complete with easy configuration software for Win98, WinXP, Win2K, Vista, Win7 and Win10, printed user's manual and RS232 to USB converter.

Download user's manual PDF now (2.6M)

Download MaxRp110 Windows software now (4.3M)

MaxRp110 Configurable NMEA 0183 Data Repeater

MaxRp110 Configurable NMEA 0183 Data Repeater with Eight Input Sentences

CE Certified for Europe

CE Certified and RoHS compliant
Waterproof front case


Operating Voltage:
12/24 VDC

Current Drain:
0.025 - 0.060 amps nominal depending on backlight level

Operating Temperature:
32 to 122 deg F (0 to 50 C)

NMEA 0183 Sentences:
Recognizes more than 5800 sentences

3 digital displays and 2 bar charts, 5 levels of backlighting with external backlight on/off control

4 Input Channels and can search each channel for 2 different Sentences:
NMEA #1 input A
NMEA #1 input B
NMEA #2 input A
NMEA #2 input B
NMEA #3 input A
NMEA #3 input B
NMEA #4 input A
NMEA #4 input B

Built-in 85 dB audible alarm
Settable Low and High alarms for each input sentence

External Alarms:
A +5V signal is output to activate the CruzPro ER-1 (www.cruzpro.com/er1.html) external 10 amp alarm relay.

Display Damping:
Programmable Display Damping for
Four NMEA 0183 Sentences

4.3" x 4.3" (110m x 110mm)

2-1/8" (54mm) round hole


Premium User Configurable NMEA 0183 Data Repeater

The MaxRp110 is a programmable NMEA 0183 data repeater with built-in settable low and high alarms/external alarm output and the ability to repeat over 5800 different NMEA 0183 sentences. The MaxRp110 will simultaneously monitor four input channels for two different sentences per channel and simultaneously display NMEA data on three digital displays and two barcharts. You can display data such as Depth, Boat Speed, Sea Water Temperature, GPS Bearing to Waypoint, Distance to Waypoint, Wind Speed, Battery Voltage, Tank Levels, etc. You decide what set of five data to view on each “Display Configuration” with a maximum of 16 different display configurations. As your data needs change you can quickly select from 16 different display configurations with the push of a button. You can setup some of the Display Configurations for data you need to see while underway and setup other display configurations for use while at anchor or fishing. The idea is that you can easily and quickly configure the MaxRp110 to enable you to see the data you need for each particular situation. Each of the 16 display configurations are highly flexible and any particular set of data can be directed to one of the digital displays and/or one of the two bar graphs.

Unlike some other "dumb" displays, the MaxRp110 does NOT require any external "Black Box", "Brain Box" or "PC" to work. All the electronics to monitor and display the NMEA 0183 data is contained within the compact MaxRp110. Just connect the NMEA 0183 outputs from your instrument to the MaxRp110 and you have a complete set of data in one display head.

Individual high and low alarm values can be set on each of the five sets of displayed data. When data on any of the five displays falls outside the acceptable range the built-in alarm will sound and that display will blink providing you both a visual and audible warning of a problem. A +5V signal will be output on pin 2 of the DB9 connector that can be used by the CruzPro ER-1 external 10 amp relay (see www.cruzpro.com/er1.html) to activate an external alarm. The audible alarm can be "armed" and "disarmed" using the front panel keys.

Display configurations are easily edited to show the data that you want to see from a comprehensive list of over 5800 different NMEA 0183 sentences. Changes are automatically saved to a nonvolatile memory. The MaxRp110 contains a built-in NMEA data monitor with 4 input lines that can each search for two distinct NMEA sentences for a total of 8 NMEA data sources. You can even set high and low alarms on the NMEA data and select display damping for 4 channels of the NMEA data.

Six of the sixteen Display Configurations are factory preset to view the most popular data sources but you can easily edit the Display Configurations using your computer. The Windows software provided with the MaxRp110 enables you to easily edit the Display Configurations or create your own from scratch. Data can be uploaded to the MaxRp110 and/or downloaded from the MaxRp110. Display Configurations can be saved to multiple computer files for later recall or editing. The MaxRp110 can be connected to your PC using either a serial port or a USB port (with the serial to USB converter supplied with the MaxRp110).

The Windows software works on PC's running Win98, Win2K, WinNt, WinXP, Vista, Win7 and Win10 and the full software package is available on this website for download. You can test-drive the software without the MaxRp110 and see how easy it is to use Click here to download the MaxRp110 Windows software.

Five levels of backlighting can be selected for nighttime viewing. The backlights can be turned ON and OFF remotely and all setup constants are saved in a nonvolatile memory.

The MaxRp110 is many instruments at once in a space-saving 110mm format. You simply select the display configuration that is best suited for what you are doing. With simple, quick installation in a standard 2-1/8” (54mm) round hole, the MaxRp110 is perfect for the boat builder or aftermarket replacement. The MaxRp110 works on both 12V and 24V.

Sample screen #1 of MaxRp110 Windows configuration software:

MaxRp110 Windows Configuration Software

Sample screen #2

MaxRp110 Windows Configuration Software

Typical MaxRp110 Wiring Diagram

MaxRp110 Connection Diagram

MaxRp110 Connection Diagram C

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