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PcFF80 PC based high resolution dual frequency color sonar / fishfinder for Windows with both Analog and Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

  • *** NEW *** - Click this link to download user's manual(Ver "M" - 500K)
  • *** NEW *** - Click this link to download full software with manual install (Ver 3.15 - 800K)
  • *** NEW *** - Click this link to download full software with automatic install (Ver 3.15 - 8M)
  • Linux Version from BarcoSoft (SeaView) - Click this link to go to www.barcosoft.com and check out SeaView

  • CruzPro PC Fish Finder Now also works on Vista, Win7 and Win10.

    Works to depths of 2500+ feet. Complete with dual frequency 50/200Khz plastic thru-hull depth/temperature transducer, Interface Box (Black Box) with RS232 and USB connections and Windows software for Win98, WinXP, Win2K, Vista, Win7 and Win10.

    Bronze or transom mount transducers available separately.

    Temperature display with 0.01 degree resolution.

    Displays position and boat speed if GPS connected to PC.

    Log all data (including Depth, temperature, GPS position and speed) to easily read ASCII data files for future analysis, bathymetric chart creation or future replay.

    PcFF80 PC Based
    Sonar / Color Fishfinder


    Operating Voltage:
    9.5 to 16.0 VDC, 0.05 amps nominal,
    4.7 amps peak at max power

    Output Power:
    2560 watts peak-to-peak (320W RMS).
    25KW DSP processed power (3200 WRMS)

    Depth Capability:
    Minimum Depth - 3 feet (1M)
    1000 feet or more at 200kHz for both shallow and deep water high resolution
    2500 Feet or more at 50kHz - See screenshot with PcFF80 working at 2750 feet (840M) and also see screenshot of PcFF80 detecting fish at 680 feet (207M).

    Operating temperature:
    0 to 50 deg Celsius ( 32 to 122 deg Fahrenheit).

    Interface Box:
    100 x 80 x 50 mm (4 x 3.2 x 2 inch).
    Powder Coated Aluminum Extrusion

    Communications Interface:
    RS-232, 115 KBaud, serial data
    USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compatible (comes with both USB and RS232)
    Communications LED blinks activity

    Operating System/Hardware Requirements:
    WIN98 SE, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win10
    500 Mhz Pentium PC (or better)
    Serial Port (16550 compatible UART) and/or USB
    32MB RAM
    50MB Hard Drive space
    SVGA Graphics (1024 x 768 resolution)
    Mouse / Keyboard

    Dual Frequency 50/200kHz, Depth/Temperature, Glass reinforced nylon thru-hull with 30 foot (9.7M) cable. Transom mount and bronze transducers also available.

    Signal Processing:
    2 analog and 2 Digital Processing (DSP) modes
    Analog Mode #1: Fixed gain
    Analog Mode #2: Time varying gain (TVG)
    DSP Mode #1: Using correlation
    DSP Mode #2: Using quadrature correlation

    High resolution Color FishFinder
    200kHz and 50Khz and water temperature
    Auto and Manual controls for depth
    Full manual control for gain, transmit power, transmit pulse width, etc.
    Full or Split screen
    Six different depth ZOOM settings
    Record/Playback to/from files
    A-Scope (analog return signal strength)
    STD (standard display)
    Six Depth Ranges
    Six Depth Offsets (shifts)
    Manual & Auto Depth Shift
    8 Selectable Chart Speeds
    8 Selectable Noise filter settings
    8 Selectable Clutter settings
    5 Selectable Intensity Color pallets
    User programmable intensity color pallet
    5 Selectable background colors
    Feet, Meter, Fathoms selection
    Degrees F and Degrees C Temperature selection
    Simple On-screen Temperature calibration
    "Speed-of-Sound" control for salt/fresh water
    Deep and Shallow water alarms
    Intelligent Fish alarm
    Anchor Drag alarm
    Both RS-232 Serial and USB control
    Adjustable Transmitter power
    Adjustable Receiver Gain
    Digital Cursor Readouts (Full and Split screens)
    Analog and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) control
    Depth Dependent Gain control
    Record/Playback Modes
    Built-in thermal shut-down protection
    Built-in self test functions
    Built-in POWER/communication activity LED
    GPS Latitude, Longitude and Ground Speed display, Logging and Playback
    Upgradeable software (via internet)

    Click for bigger picture (200KB)

    PcFF80 PC Fish Finder

    DSP white line working at 2750 ft.

    Click for bigger picture (600KB)

    PcFF80 PC Fish Finder

    Fish near bottom at 680 feet (210M)

    Click for bigger picture (600KB)

    Fish at 680 Feet

    Click for bigger picture (200KB)

    PcFF80 PC Fish Finder

    PcFF80 PC Based Analog and DSP Color Fish Finder for Windows

    The PCFF80 is a full-featured dual frequency high resolution PC based color fishfinder runs under windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7 and Win10 in both analog and DSP mode (Digital Signal Processing). Turn your laptop or desktop computer into a full-color fishfinder with a huge display screen and save thousands of dollars. Compare the cost and resolution of the PcFF80 full-color 1024 x 768 pixel display screen with that of fishfinders costing as much as US$6000. Unlike a standard fishfinder that is born with all the capability it will ever have, the PcFF80 PC Fishfinder can be updated via just a software change and will never go obsolete.

    The PCFF80 system consists of a high speed Interface Box, a program CD, dual frequency 50khz/200kHz depth/temperature transducer and a printed user's manual. The user's manual is also available on-line (included on the CD in PDF format).

    Communication to the Interface Box is through either a high-speed RS-232 port or USB port (both modes are supported). The depth/temperature transducer plugs into the interface box which contains the Signal Processing unit and sonar transmitter/receiver as well as temperature measuring circuitry. The Interface Box is powered with +12VDC through a 10 amp fuse.

    Analog and Digital Signal Processing - the best of both worlds: The 50kHz/200kHz dual frequency depth transducer provides for the best resolution and definition of features at 200khz in analog mode to depths of 500 feet and uses Digital Signal Processing to reach deeper depths of 1000+ feet at 200Khz not possible with normal analog processing. Switch to 50Khz to go even deeper and use both 50Khz and DSP to achieve maximum deep water performance.

    The extra processing power of the DSP and your computer enable the PcFF80 to reach deeper depths without reducing the frequency and without loss of resolution. You will be able to see smaller object in deeper water using DSP because you can continue to use the higher resolution 200Khz frequency before having to switch down to the 50Khz frequency. AT 200Khz you can see small baitfish you would miss completely when using 50Khz. Using DSP in a real-ocean test the PcFF80 was easily able to see a small simulated bait fish (a single 3/4" diameter 12V car tail light bulb) at maximum red intensity at a depth of 130 feet when a standard 440 watt RMS fishfinder also using 200khz could not even detect the light bulb.

    When fishing you can switch to DSP mode to use less than one tenth the power of standard fishfinders to help reduce the clicking noise which could scare fish.

    In DSP mode the PcFF80 is almost immune to noise created by transducer slap so you will find that at high boat speeds the PcFF80 performance is better than standard analog-only fishfinders without the noise usually associated with high speed running.

    All the features of the Windows operating system are available, such as multi-tasking. You can simultaneously run the PcFF80 fish finder and your favorite charting program or other software. Future software updates will be made available for download on the Internet.

    The Linux version of the PcFF80 sonar is called SeaView and is available from BarcoSoft at www.barcosoft.com. Just click this link. Linux Version from BarcoSoft (SeaView) - Click this link to go to www.barcosoft.com and check out SeaView

    Run the PcFF80 software along with your favorite charting package at the same time.
    PcFF80 PC Fish Finder window on chart

    PcFF80 Dual Frequency Depth/Temperature Transducer Options (THDT-2 supplied as standard - other transducers available at various prices):

    THDT-2 Plastic Thru Hull Transducer
    THDT-2 Thru-hull plastic transducer
    THDT-2 Dimensions
    THDT-2 Thru-hull plastic transducer

    TMDT-6 Transom Mount Transducer
    TMDT-6 Transom mount transducer
    TMDT-6 Dimensions
    TMDT-6 Transom mount transducer dimensions
    THDT-4 Bronze Thru Hull Transducer THDT-4 Bronze thru-hull transducer
    THDT-4 Dimensions
    THDT-4 bronze transducer dimensions

    THDT-5 Long Stem Bronze Thru Hull Transducer
    THDT-5 long stem bronze thru-hull transducer
    THDT-5 Dimensions THDT-5 long stem bronze transducer dimensions

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